The trend is woman needing support.

Why can’t we be strong and find strength within ourselves? Too many of us are crying real tears and don’t know where to turn to because “he was just not that into us”. Or he was just too obsessed with us.

Come on, women. Let’s rise above what is considered the norm. We are not as weak as we look. We are not as weak as they think. We are not as weak as we have been made to believe. The physical, mental and emotional strength a woman exudes during childbirth and labour tells me that there is much more within a woman than what meets the eye. Ladies, when ya’ll look in the mirror, I dare you to look beyond the physical attributes you see. Your ideas are probably warped because you are probably comparing yourself to another woman you deem more beautiful than you. While beauty is much more than physical but true beauty comes from within. That’s the first thing we have to change. What we consider beautiful. Because most times we exclude ourselves because we don’t fit the “mould” painted by the media.

Women arise.

I am on the journey.Louise 20170618_214827

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